What we can learn from Mama Liu’s Food Truck Menu

Formula she used: (What the item is) + (Why you should care) + (A strong call to action)

Results and Benefits:

  1. She sells a lot of Pork Chop rice and Stinky Tofu (Her bread and butter, probably the simplest and cheapest for her to produce. I don’t have the #’s but just check out her yelp pictures and you’ll see the majority of her customers choose pork chop rice or stinky tofu.
     Mama Liu’s Food Truck Yelp Page
  2. Shorten the wait time for her customers (Food truck lines are long and it’s always tough for people to decide on what they want)
  3. Credibility (She’s seen as the specialist in Pork Chop Rice/Stinky Tofu when people share all these pictures on Social Media)

Takeaway: This formula not only applies to physical stores but online e-commerce websites as well. Can you see how this simple formula can help your business grow?

Originally published at reallifeux.net on October 21, 2015.

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