The Internet is Broken. We Plan to Fix it.

The internet is big. It’s gargantuan. The scale at times is unimaginable. But hasn’t it felt like it’s gotten smaller? Like it has shrunk into a tiny bubble we all reside in? Over the years, we have not been shown the internet that we deserve. It has not been through a fault of our own, or with ill-intention. Rather, it has been a natural progression gone wrong… a mutated phase that needs to change. We’ve tried to tailor content to our interests with algorithms that gives us what we want. It eclipses us in an ever-smaller point-of-view that feeds us our own dopamine back to us. Like an addiction, this can’t last without having negative consequences on individuals and society as a whole. There has to be a better way forward. We can’t keep confining ourselves in this limited-self-perpetuation of our individual ideals if we are to personally and collectively evolve.

It’s the type of thing that keeps me up at night. That keeps me pondering a trajectory of human existence… Projected along the lines from where we are, and continuing in a downward spiral… Or, conversely, changing course to alter our direction — shifting where we end up the on the spatial map as a species. How do we ensure our survival? How do we do incentivize our betterment? Drawing a point outwards from where we are now, we should strive to thrive as a species in as many positive ways as we can. Like the “butterfly effect,” where a single moment can have predictive and unforeseen consequences across the world, the fabric of space, and time… The way we we choose to assemble the pieces of life’s puzzle determines the end picture. Would we not rather have something of beauty, rather than grotesque disfigurement? Would we not want to see the whole picture, rather than just one or two pieces? Isn’t this the reason that we have puzzles in the first place…? To piece together unlikely-yet-shared connections in a myriad of near and far-off places to form concrete answers?

It seems only natural to want to fix what is broken. To create anew, based off the old, but revolutionary in its own right… To transform society as a whole. At YawLife, we saw the internet as it was, as it could be, and what it has become. We wanted to merge the best of all these worlds into shaping a better future. We believed that every LIFE has value, that there was more to each person than some algorithms based off their actions. After all, you can’t judge a book by its cover, and there is always more than meets the eye. We therefore saw a vision of how “you and I” as humans could come together, rather than “you or I.” This is important to distinguish. Instead of regurgitating everyone’s viewpoints back to them, we wanted to use the scientific method to compliment them alongside our own.

After all, it is through critical thinking that truly makes breakthroughs possible. And critical thinking is improved when there is something critical to think about. While there’s a differentiation between falsehood and fact (and the latter deserves its rightful place in the spotlight on relevant topics of interest), we believed that discovery was paramount. For the universe would be a pretty dull place if we already knew everything we were to uncover, or only looked for what we wanted to see. This is not to say that we shouldn’t have the power to find what interests us. Complimentary, we believe that true inspiration can come from the most unlikeliest of places. So why shroud these places in the dark, just because they’re not already established to be of specific relevance? After all, the greatest places on Earth are comprised of a synergy of people from all countries, with unique backgrounds, thought processes, philosophies and cultures. It is through these contrasting differences that innovation is fueled.

At a time with growing global pressure and quality information existing in droves — but becoming harder to discover — we felt that the solution to misinformation (i.e. increasingly-lacking scientific-backing) and a way to promote peaceful coexistence was not to rely solely upon convolutional neural networks. Rather, that there was a different solution to misinformation, fake news and increasingly-orphaned-quality-content on the internet. And that it lays in people, and providing the right incentives to keep information true (and easily accessible). A prime example of this being needed is when a news feed becomes cluttered with things chosen for us by mostly algorithms alone. This makes learning (for people of all ages) difficult; instead the subconscious act of viewing the internet should enliven us, and fuel our intellect.

It should teach us new things in science, and introduce us to new horizons and planes of existence — in that we may not have expressed interest in different topics, but that there is overlapping use for a wide array of knowledge. Just as calligraphy classes inspired Apple to have beautiful typefaces on their computers, it goes to show that what may seem like an irrelevant connection at the time is quite the contrary in the epochs of time. As we look back upon moments like these in the future, we strive to see YawLife as an instigator of positive change on this front, where we helped the internet to “grow up,” yet remain youthful where it counts. An equilibrium of knowledge and discovery… Of creation and curation… Of humans and machines.

The epsilon of our minds can be as crucial as the forefront of our thoughts. It is crucial that we view the internet in the same manner, and evolve it to respect both of these opposing forces in synchronicity. For what can seem small in the realms of knowledge and creation can make quite the impact — just look at how the Big Bang created the known universe. This explains why at YawLife we intrinsically believe that You’re Always Wealthy™, and that every LIFE has value. It’s why we are creating a social platform for people to create, curate, and discover the riches the web has to offer… Once again presenting the true beauty of the internet… And all the while, giving creators the credit they deserve, and fostering an environment of fair distribution.

Powered by truth. Powered by people. Powered by you. Because it’s YawLife!