Yawnch: Start Here

SaaS products are hot — very hot. So hot, we created one of our own.

Stockstream is a subscription based web app birthed to solve a problem in the financial sector; Democratizing access to financial information. We are solving the problem by building an ad-free marketplace for new & experienced investors to learn and share ideas with seasoned analysts, on a reoccurring subscription.

The process of bringing Stockstream.tv to market has given us the opportunity to feel the pains of launching a SaaS web-app, and develop solutions using bleeding-edge technology to get to where we want to be as soon as possible, & “fo free”.

Before getting to work on product number 2, we’re starting the journey of abstracting our current SaaS codebase into a re-usable, open source framework that anyone can use to develop & launch their product in record time.

With Yawnch, we really want to bridge the gap between early stage co-founders with non-dev backgrounds — creating an environment where someone with a product idea can get it realized & launched while gaining the initial experience they’ll need to grow & operate a SaaS platform.

Thanks for being here with us 🙏 stay tuned for progress and reach out if you have any ideas or would like to get involved! info.laith@gmail.com