Wanna, Like, Trip Out to “The Days Grew Longer for Love” by Andwella’s Dream?

Beautiful artifact unearthed by the Psychedelic Archaeologist (Pa)

Jeff Suwak
Feb 17 · 2 min read
Love and Poetry by Andwella’s Dream. Image borrowed from Discogs.

ruising the back-alleys of the slipstream via YouTube the other day, I happened upon a sparkling gem of ’60s psychedelia titled “The Days Grew Longer for Love.” How the song has eluded me until now is a testament to the persistence of my ignorance in the face of all efforts to hear every album made in that Golden Age and Golden Genre of rock music.

The talent of Adwella’s Dream is apparent from the song’s very first guitar strum. Sometimes, great musicianship comes through in the most minute gestures. Such is the case here.

There was a lot of junk music made in 1969 as record execs tried to hump the surge of the “hippie” trend that, unbeknownst to them, was doomed to break and die upon the shore before the year was even over. Love and Poetry by Andwella’s Dream was no such thing, however, and its opening “The Days Grew Longer for Love” track is timelessly beautiful and among the best of the songs to come out of that era.

ndwella’s Dream was headed by Dave Lewis. They came out of Northern Ireland, Van-Morrison territory, and something of Morrison’s Irish mysticism laces their music.

That indefinable magic of the ’60s zeitgeist could go terribly wrong when attempted without skill or sincerity, and much of the era’s music sounds unbearably hokey because of it. “The Days Grew Longer for Love” was the real deal, however — whatever the “real deal” actually is. I have no idea. I only know some things capture magic and some things don’t. This song did and does.

et another excellent music artifact that for whatever reason just didn’t sell in its time. There’s lots of stuff like that (such as Farm). If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years writing about music, it’s that success is only one-part quality and one-part look. Some stuff just hits the right place at the right time.

Under the right conditions, bad music can even catch fire, spurring millions to bop along for a month and the, one year later, laugh in embarrassment at the hokey song trend they got caught up in. Other times, excellent music just passes through the wind and fades away.

Weird stuff. Weird life. So it goes, as Kurt Vonnegut would say.

All I know is this: “The Days Grew Longer for Love” is a beautiful song and worthy of new discovery. May it never die. Amen.

The album is for sale at Amazon and Ebay.


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