ZOM — Uniswap Rewards Program!

ZOM Team
ZOM Team
Aug 14, 2020 · 5 min read

The aim of this program is to increase the liquidity, distribution and visibility of ZOM within the cryptocurrency community. In the coming months ZOM should be utilized with Premium Cards (Test transactions). Visit our website for more details.


Yazom will incentivize liquidity providers for Uniswap V2 ZOM/ETH pool only.

Contribution Deadline: August 31, 2020

Lockup Period Ends: September 21, 2020

Liquidity provided since the start of the Uniswap V2 pool will be counted at the amount of ZOM during the time it was placed within the pool.

To qualify and participate, a participant needs to contribute ZOM & ETH liquidity into the Uniswap V2 pool by the contribution deadline and may only remove that liquidity on or after the lockup period end date — September 21, 2020.

The Rewards program runs for a course of just over five (5) weeks. The ~two (2) weeks for liquidity pooling and the remaining three (3) weeks of lock up provides a steady and reasonable balance that most will find quite suitable. It’s a trade-off that allows for both strong liquidity and a good time in which to collect rewards.

Rewards by the Numbers

ZOM will be rewarded to holders based on the tier rates outlined below. Any amount of ZOM contributed greater than or equal to the tier will receive that tiered rate ZOM pro-rata.

ZOM shall automatically be deposited on or imminently after the 22nd of September into the on-chain wallets of the providers based on their contributions. (Reconciled on Etherscan.)

What does the reward look like?

  1. ZOM liquidity tiers are minimum thresholds for qualification.
  2. Rewards are discrete at each tier, i.e. 45,000 will earn at the 6.5% rate = 2,925 ZOMs.
  3. ZOM provided comes from the Community Wallet established for marketing, rewards and other programs.
  4. Potential providers should read the ‘Risk Assessment and Management’ before participation. There are inherent risks involved with cryptocurrency, this is not nor should be construed as investment advice.

How to add to the liquidity pool:

  1. Visit https://app.uniswap.org/#/pool
  2. To start swapping you’ll want to use a web3 connected wallet like MetaMask or TrustWallet.

3. Click the “Add Liquidity” button.

4. Click the “Select a Token” button and add our contract address — 0x42382F39e7C9F1ADD5fa5f0c6e24aa62f50be3b3

5. Select the amount of ZOM and ETH you want to add to the pool and click “Approve ZOM”. A prompt will then appear for you to pay a transaction fee. Ensure that the site page remains open as you confirm/ approve the transaction.

6. After your transaction is approved, the “Supply” button will become active. Click this button to complete the process.

NOTE: Please remember that in order to participate in this program, you must have your Liquidity added to the ZOM/ETH pool prior to the 31st of August and must leave it untouched in the pool until September 21.

Currently —

Yazom is the parent company of ZOM. The vision and mission are centered around driving social change in the health and wellness industry. We already have:

  1. Yazom Professional — for medical professionals.
  2. Yazom — The mobile app centered around social wellness which is still in beta mode with consideration for integrating new thought concepts around social media. (Currently available only for Android)

For more information, visit our official website here.

In Progress —

Premium cards that utilize the DeFi experience. This can’t be overstated. Anyone who is reading this now knows the current situation of the world with the COVID-19 pandemic and none of us has ever experienced anything like it. Premium Cards are ZOM’s first major use case and will be accessible to everyone.

For more information, visit the official ZOM page here.

Risk Assessment and Management

None of the previously mentioned descriptions, clauses, paragraphs, or any part of the incentive liquidity program should be construed as investment advice. Providers should be aware that providing liquidity to Uniswap pools inherently has high risk, and those risks can be exacerbated by large swings in prices. This is especially true for low market cap and lower liquidity currencies — ZOM is currently in this position.

One of the highest risks involved in providing liquidity is that you do not actively participate or decide on the prices of the tokens in the pool. They are decided by supply and demand of buyers and sellers, and as such the possibility exists that you could end up holding all of token X and none of ETH, or all of ETH and none of token X when you go to redeem your liquidity.

Low liquidity pools are at the largest risk because those who have the most tokens can take advantage of others. Holders of large amounts can quickly move the prices of low liquidity pools to their advantage.

If after reading all the information above including the ‘Risk Assessment and Management’ you are enthused to join in then there is nothing else left to say for now than thank you for your support .— Happy ZOMing!


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