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Veryfi is machine powered bookkeeping for your business

“No less than his business life, Rockefeller’s private life was ruled by bookkeeping entries. Since he found numbers so clean and soothing in their simplicity, he applied the business principles…to his own personal economy. When he started working in September 1855, he paid a dime for a small red book, anointed Ledger A, in which he minutely recorded his receipts and expenditures. Many of his young contemporaries kept such record books but seldom with such exacting care. For the remainder of his life, Rockefeller treated Ledger A as his most sacred relic.”

Ernest Semerda & Dmitry Birulia hacking at Y Combinator (W17 — https://www.veryfi.com)


“what’s the catch? why is it free?”.

Top 20 Best Android Apps 2018




Insights from Y Combinator W17 founders building online businesses.

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Ernest Semerda

Ernest Semerda

Veryfi Cofounder YC W17. When not doing a baby freeze, then you’ll find me in an isolation tank. https://www.veryfi.com/receipt-ocr-api

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