TIME: Self-Learning, Machine to Teach ‘Computer’

Next generation terms in DIY computer.

Build Your Own Learning Machine to Teach Computer to Make Decision Better

90’s flashback, I remember “Build Own Computer” was a hot boom. Go and get parts indivisually and set up hardwares on motherboard. Just hands up, how many people who were kids in 90’s, scratching nails with screw driver installing tiny nail back of hard driver in a metal 16 bit computer case. Dealers in shop were marking up pricey on fancy/faster motherboard. Thought of grabbing the best motherboard, large memory chip, HD memory, that were best in the world. In time changed, personal computer(hard and software compact) has been almost averaged. Instead, we are looking for “machine” that we can get thru big-data matter. How we can handle everyday- information overloaded sharply. Just in need, something what we want is indivisually capable to run dirt and handy work nicely.

Oh Machine! please take over smart and dumb jobs

~ excel sheet does

Fortunately, we are duo in time that any human being living and staying in life position could be accessible to build their own possible system that could be initiated with self-learning machine to teach computer to make better decision. Whether it is validated or not, we still have a control to choose the best suitable case from what computer tells us by self-learning machine(~Machine Learning). Luckily, there are tons of the method to build and acquire the techniques. Let’s add into more that every student/researcher even in high school and undergraduate, they are able to share self own learning machine as app/application. Just we need to put efforts breaking down hard terms of data science, machine learning, artificial intelligent practice to make the general public understandable, don’t we? I guess this is how the public education fund/project should be moved toward. Not spreading out $$$ to community projects that come across project-built business.




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