The Monday Morning Macro | May 1

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Fooled by Experts by Aaron Harris
Experts are generally right until they’re wrong. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to get fooled into thinking that experts are always right. This is especially true when it comes to trying new things in existing fields. We are biased into believing that knowing a lot about something confers an ability to predict the future.

Data Packages for Fast, Reproducible Python Analysis by Aneesh Karve
The tragedy of data science is that 79% of an analyst’s time goes to data preparation. Data preparation is not only tedious, it steals time from analysis. Data packages make for fast, reproducible analysis by simplifying data prep, eliminating parsing, and versioning data. In round numbers, data packages speed both I/O and data preparation by a factor of 10.

How to Use Responsive Images by Yoav Givati
In the world of responsive web design one core, yet complicated, spec can net you substantial reductions in page size across the device spectrum. In this post I’ll demystify the complexity in the responsive images spec so you can use these powerful HTML attributes on your site.

How to Build a Product: Part II with Aaron Levie
For our second talk on How to Build a Product, we are joined by Aaron Levie, CEO and co-founder of Box.

How to Build a Product: Part III with Jason Lemkin, Solomon Hykes, Tracy Young, and Harry Zhang
Jason Lemkin, of SaaStr, sits down with Solomon Hykes, CEO and co-founder of Docker, Tracy Young, CEO and co-founder of Plangrid, and Harry Zhang, CEO and co-founder of Lob, to discuss their experience building products in our third installment of How to Build a Product.

How to Build a Product: Part IV with Jan Koum
In the fourth and final episode of How to Build a Product, Jan Koum shares his journey as the CEO and co-founder of WhatsApp.

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