The Monday Morning Macro | May 15

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How to Invent the Future with Alan Kay: Part I
One of the pioneers of personal computing, Alan Kay thought of laptops and graphical interfaces years before they were realized. At XeroxPARC, Apple, HP and Disney, he has developed tools for improving the mind. In these two lectures, Alan shares his story and how to think about building for the future.

How to Invent the Future with Alan Kay: Part II
Part two of Alan’s lecture at Startup School.

Jessica Livingston’s Advice For Founders
In this excerpt from Jessica’s talk at the 2014 Female Founders Conference, she shares her advice for founders.

Know Why You’re Starting a Company
Danae Ringelmann, founder of Indiegogo at the 2014 Female Founders Conference.

Ruchi Sanghvi on Sweating the Details 
In this excerpt from Ruchi’s talk at the 2015 Female Founders Conference, she shares what she learned by working at Facebook and Dropbox.

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The Brain Can Only Take So Much Focus
Lessons from last week’s cyberattack 
Lyft and Waymo Reach Deal to Collaborate on Self-Driving Cars 
Why do many math books have so much detail and so little enlightenment? (2010)