Dangers of online dating and How to prevent them

An online dating platform is useful to meet like-minded and engaging people in your area. However, there are real risks and dangers involved when it comes to online dating. It is helpful and advisable for people to properly research and find any potential risks when meeting and starting relationships with people on the Internet. Exercising caution is essential; because prevention is always better than cure.

One of the most common threats to online dating is identity theft.

Identity Theft:

While speaking to strangers online, a sense of caution is very essential. It is never wise to give out any personal information, like phone numbers, credit card numbers, addresses, birth dates or social security numbers, about you, your family or friends while you are in an online platform. If this information is given, it becomes virtually easy for that person or others to steal your identity.

So, How to Secure Your Identity?

Ydentity, the world’s first risk-identity token is here to help you secure your identity while you surf the web. Ydentity integrates blockchain technology to create a risk-identity token that is located at the confluence of psychological testing and government identification and meets with defense-grade KYC and cybersecurity standards. Ydentity is focused at the center of risk management in a shared economy.

How Ydentity helps the users with online dating?

The principle is based on helping parties to match risk-profiles before engagement.

• The Ydentity member is involved in online dating search via a third party app and decides to review their potential compatibility with a person;

• The third party can become a Ycommunity partner and ask their users to apply for Ydentity membership;

• Where the other person has a Ydentity and want to share their Ydentity, the member can initiate the transfer of the Ydentity token to the other person via a mobile phone messaging app or email;

• Where the other person doesn’t have a Ydentity, the member may ask the other to apply for membership before continuing.

Since each token is unique to one person and the user cannot attain more than one Ydentity token, the risks and dangers in online dating are drastically reduced. This, in turn, protects the users’ identities and also helps in proper profile matching. Read further about this here

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