Know Your Risk Profile with Ydentity

What is a risk profile?

Simply put, a risk profile is an evaluation of an individual’s willingness to take risks. A risk profile is of prime importance for determining a proper investment asset allocation for a portfolio. Also, organizations use a risk profile as a way to mitigate potential risks and threats.

So, how to evaluate the risk profile of a user?

In order to evaluate the risk profile of a user, Ydentity, the world’s first risk identity blockchain token, has come up with an evaluation tool. The evaluation is based on cognitive neuroscience to evaluate risk and provide a predictive model for customer onboarding and risk underwriting. The underlying blockchain platform is token-driven. It is cryptographically protected to defense-grade standards and is regulated by a smart contract.

The mathematics model behind Ydentity and its predictive logic create a function between inputs (brain chemicals and functions) and outputs (social behaviours) and places initial condition at the centre of multiple decision use cases wherein the user can “ydentify”, without the risk of exposing his or her real identity online. The state variables are dependent on inputs and the initial condition.

Ydentity risk profiles are classified into three categories:

  • Risk Averse — refers to Harm Avoidance (HA)
  • Risk Dependent — relates to Reward Dependency (RD)
  • Risk Taker — refers to Novelty Seeking (NS)

These profiles are determined from a self-administrated psychometric test administered in a questionnaire format.

The result of the psychometric evaluation is a risk score which creates a Ydentity profile which is unique and refers only to gender, age, response and latency to respond. This offers a new method or system for the underwriting of risk based on the three risk categories described above. So get your YDY token and know more about yourself with the innovative Ydentity test!

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