Safeguarding your Virtual footprint was never this easy

Do you know how private your social media privacy settings are? How sure are you that your smart speakers aren’t absorbing personal information while pumping out sound? You may be feeling less and less sure about the security of your data and that of your family.

To protect your identity, Ydentity, the world’s first risk-identity token is here. Ydentity has only a hash of your private key, and so no one can track your Ydentity. This helps in protecting your identity during web navigation. The Ydentity token is an identity constructed around a scientific assessment of the individual user’s risk habits.

A series of 30 ‘yes/no’ questions presented to the user randomly from 300 questions allows the system to categorize each user into one of three risk profiles: risk-averse; risk dependent; and risk seeking. Ydentity provides a secured, agnostic and encrypted ID that protects the identity of the token holder during web navigation. It will allow anonymous discovery of other persons, products, and services. Ydentity integrates blockchain technology to create a risk-identity token that is located as a confluence of psychological testing and government identification and meets with defence-grade KYC and cybersecurity standards.

The Ydentity token is implemented on Hyperledger Fabric, a secure, enterprise-grade, permissioned blockchain, using a smart contract service interface to interact with client wallets, distributed ledger infrastructure, and external systems. On-chain data is merely a hash of its off-chain profile information that guarantees the scalability, throughput, and performance of the YDY token.

Wallets are used to store the public keys, and the private keys are stored away so they cannot be lost or stolen. Guardtime’s defence grade security offering used here acts as a warranty and protects this key by using e-discovery techniques to bring them back if lost.

With such security standards and features, Ydentity ensures to protect your identity.

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