Social Media Dangers and How to Protect Yourself From Them

New research for Barnardo’s has revealed that more than two thirds of 12 year old kids in London, and a quarter of 10 year old kids have posted live videos on apps and websites meant for teenagers and adults. Thousands of younger children are putting themselves at risk across the UK by sharing personal content on sites with a minimum age limit of 13.

Almost one third of young Londoners say they have posted live content on social media platforms that they regret. This is mainly due to the fact that these social media platforms have inadequate safety controls and settings.

To protect ourselves from the threats of social media platforms, an innovative project called Ydentity has come with the world’s first risk-identity token. This token is based on cognitive neuroscience to evaluate risk and provide a predictive model for customer onboarding and risk underwriting. Since the token represents the unique personality of each and has only limited information such as name and email ID, the token does not pose any threat to the individual.

The principle is based on enhancing members’ safety by enabling them to understand the risk profile of the person who has sent the request before accepting the request or choosing to interact.

  • Where the Ydentity member is involved in online social media networking on a third party app, the member may decide to review potential compatibility;
  • A third party app can become a Ycommunity partner and ask their users to apply for Ydentity. This will allow them to decide responsibly to review access to certain profiles or requests between profiles that may put the safety of the members at risk;
  • Where the member submits their Ydentity to the social media app operator, the member may initiate the transfer of a Ydentity token to the social media operating platform.

No matter what the age of the user is, Ydentity helps in securing the identity and provides social media user protection.

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