Ycommunity — The backbone of Ydentity

Ydentity is focused at the centre of risk management in a shared economy. Risk management is an integral part of individuals’ and corporations’ daily existence. Having a community enables the users to have strong support and guidance. This is the sole reason why Ycommunity exists.

The Ycommunity is a decentralized peer-to-peer organisation managed by its members.

These members are expected to be compliant with the rules of the Ycommunity. They are incentivized to introduce compliant companies and partners who are willing to accept Ydentity as a valid ID. By doing so, Ycommunity aims to expand its territories and usage of its tokens to multiple fields. The most active members of the Ycommunity will become recognized as experts and receive additional bonuses.

Selected experts will become eligible to take on the role of Watchdog and review the actions and activities that take place within the Ycommunity and report cases of misconduct to our Ombudsman where necessary. Watchdogs are required to comply with a KYC full background check before being appointed. The Watchdog will receive additional bonuses for their efforts.

The function of the Watchdog will be to report any behaviour that does not comply with our rules and code of ethics. The Ycommunity is primarily built as a self-regulating and policing mechanism and is structured in such a way as to prohibit the use of Ydentity for criminal activity. There will be no more than 1000 Experts and 50 Watchdogs worldwide.

The Ydentity Incentive and Bonus Program

Members, Experts, and Watchdogs who introduce new members, compliant partners and businesses will receive one YDY bonus token for every 100 new members who become a full member of the Ycommunity.

So, become a part of a global community today! Get your Ydentity tokens and start enjoying a 30-day free trial of limited features of the Ycommunity.

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