YDragon Staking Now on Samurai

YDragon now has $YDR live for staking on CyberFi stakepad, Samurai

Oliver M
Oliver M
Sep 13, 2021 · 2 min read

Following our recent announcement of a partnership with DeFi automation ecosystem, CyberFi, YDragon are pleased to follow this up with the fantastic news of $YDR being available for staking on SAMURAI, CyberFi’s native stakepad.

SAMURAI will enable us to offer staking rewards to our users and investors by staking our native utility and governance token, $YDR. This staking opportunity is as simple as they come, with single-asset $YDR staking and rewards also in $YDR available for YDR on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

You can stake YDR on Samurai here, starting from 13 September 2021, 2pm UTC.

More info about our partnership with CyberFi can be found here

About Samurai

SAMURAI by CyberFi is a full suite, decentralised, cross-chain crowdfunding platform built for the evolution of DeFi. Forged with the knowledge of existing infrastructure of fundraising to propel projects in the right direction to gain global community growth.

Website | Twitter | CyberFi Telegram

About YDragon

YDragon is a cryptocurrency index platform offering you a range of opportunities to own a diverse selection of the best performing and most promising cryptocurrencies with a single token. Armed with market-leading cross-chain capabilities and yield-generation opportunities, YDragon offers you a seamless, cross-chain, multi-asset experience.

Not only do investors get diversified exposure to the best of what’s offered on a selection of blockchains, they have the added luxury of benefiting from the most trusted and lucrative yield farming protocols around, ensuring a passive income on your investment.

Buy YDR here

Contract Address: 0x3757232b55e60da4a8793183ac030cfce4c3865d

If you’re curious about the listing and performance and would like to take a look at the charts, this should make life easier for you. You can find the BSC chart here and the ETH chart here.

Find out more about YDragon on our website.

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