shout out to drake.

Ok so first of all, I haven't been updating this blog because i was basically positive that my free VPN wouldn't work, but yet here I am. Basically, I don't have to worry about my internet traffic being blocked because the service i'm using basically encrypts all of my data before it is sent to servers through China to Hong Kong.

That’s besides the point though. These last 3 or 4 days have been a blur. I met all of my classmates in San Francisco, then went on a 12 and 1/2 hour flight which consisted of me reading chapters aloud from Tina Fey’s new book and having a flight attendant tell me my Chinese sucks. The flight was crazy. I just wish that I had taken a big ass breath of air from San Francisco before we got on the plane.

You hear stories about Beijing’s population but that doesn't compare to shit until you live in it. YOU CAN FEEL IT, it isn't very noticeable but if you walk outside from a store it hits you. Also I miss sunny California very much. In Beijing there ain't no sunshine which is very depressing. The sky is grey, this seems like a real life cyberpunk novel just without all the really cool technology.

This is all i’m going to write for now but i'll be sure to constantly update and have more detailed and specific posts. Right now everything is still a blur so you may or may not have to wait 10 minutes to 1 week for my next post.

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