Week 8

February 19–25, 2017

I’m still working on two main projects right now: the Faculty Profile System & the (upcoming) Website Redesign.

Planning for the upcoming training program… on index cards, my favorite brainstorming tool.

Faculty Profile System

It’s wrap up week! After a slow start to the week, I have the following on my to do list:

  • Write training email
  • Prepare the training
  • Document the system

All of this must be finished by Wednesday — when we have our first scheduled training session. Eek! 😬😬😬

Website Redesign

In addition to the wrap up of the Faculty Profile system, I spent some time analyzing the user interviews I’ve been doing for our next project: the website redesign. In total, I completed 10 user interviews & had about 5 hours of audio recorded from those interviews. It was my goal this week to finish taking notes from the interviews, analyze the data & create a findings and recommendations report.

Here’s my steps for analyzing the qualitative data:

Step One: Take Notes on Post-its

Step one: Take Notes

After each interview, listen to the recording while taking notes on post-its. One thought, quote, stat, point, etc. per post-it.

Step Two: Organize Post-its into themes on index cards

Step two: Find the patterns

Begin to organize the post-its by themes. Once a theme has been detected, write it on an index card! (Post-its stuck to the index card, naturally.)

Step Three: Document results in Keynote

Step three: Document the results

Write a brief summary report from the index cards, including prioritizing the results and making recommendations.

So that’s it for this week! Two months of Year of UX done 📅📅

PS — Year of UX is now a Publication! With its own URL: https://medium.com/year-of-ux … be sure to follow along!

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