Berthas and Polar Bears

Ever since I was little, I’ve been surronded by animals. Whether it be taking care of animals, helping them, or even watching them suffer. One of the most memorable moments, was my encounter with Bertha.

“Bertha” was the groundhog I saw everytime I went into Dawsonville. There was a small hill surronded by trees in which several groundhogs lived, and I had named them “Bertha.” It was the coolest thing to me as a child, and I loved watching there little heads poke out of the ground to enjoy the sun. Then one day, they were gone. Their small home had been ripped up, and destroyed. Bulldozers were running over their remains, and of course as a child, I was very confused. I asked my mother, “Why did they do that to their homes?” and she replied, “Because they needed the trees for paper.” This was one of the first few instances in which I learned that animals needed my help. I learned at a very young age, that animals were helpless in a world controlled by humans. I learned that they needed us to help them survive in a world that we as humans were so quickly changing. This lead me to my next “passion awakening.” The Coca Cola polar bears.

I love soda. This should come as no surprise to most. This love for soda stemmed from the Coke company. I went through a phase that I loved this company, for more reasons than one. Not only do they create delicious bubbly drinks, but they are also large supporters of wildlife. They are one of the first things that opened me up to the truths of this planets environment. And they did it through this commercial.

A very short commercial changed my life for the better. And I have soda to thank that for. And people wonder why I still drink it all the time!

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