Better approach to a challenging situation

As a first-year college student many people have told me school will not be a breeze like high school. My parents often tell me “college is nothing like high school, you will need to study weeks ahead and they will give you work not due until 2 months after they assign it but it’s your responsibility to get it done. The pace from high school to college changes within days. I think college shows who your really are some people leave college because it’s too hard or they don’t fit in but no one said it would be easy. Now that I know what having a fixed mindset means I understand that some people even myself have that mindset at times. When something gets to hard you say, “I’m not going to try it looks to hard” or you say, “I was never good at that so I don’t try it.” Having a fixed mindset about certain things could defiantly be one of my weaknesses. Some people with a fixed mindset back down from challenges because they are afraid of failure. Then you have some people who have a Growth mindset, which means they learn from the things they do wrong. They take negative criticism and make it a learning experience and they take challenges hoping to learn from them. Some people embrace negativity and turn it into motivation. I think that is my biggest strength. If someone is saying I can’t pass a class or I can’t do something it makes me go 10 times harder to prove them wrong. When studying for a class quiz or test I usually find a quite space outside, turn my phone off and chew a piece of gum. This helps me concentrate on working because there are no distractions other than birds chirping. There are many things that I need to work on, but the main thing for me is to understand what I read and taking proper notes. Knowing the things, I need to work on I will work every day to improve those skills and become a better thinker not only in school but outside of school also.

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