Degree Mapping Reflection

The degree maps relate to cultivating a sense of belonging at KSU and among other communities by helping students plan their academic path to graduation. This also helps students by making their semester transitions less stressful. I thought making a four-year degree would be easy, but it is very complex because I had to know which classes were easy and which classes were hard. Then I had to balance those classes in each semester and have at least 12 credit hour every semester to be considered a full-time student and qualify for financial aid and the HOPE scholarship. I had to add up all theses factors and more in order to have an accurate degree map. I his was a very stressful process, and I knew I would need help with it. This is where the campus resources come in play.

The campus has resources to help students stay on track. In my case my resource was my advisor; a classmate and professor can also be a valuable resource. For example, the teacher lets us have time to work on our degree map in class and ask him for help if we were lost or had trouble while working on our degree. I had trouble understanding my degree works, but my classmates understood, so I asked them for help, and they explained it and helped me have a better understanding. I worked on it in class then the day after I schedule an appointment with my advisor. We revised my degree map changed a few things, he gave me few tips, and we made an alternative degree map, and that was it.

Making a degree map can be a long and complicated process but at the end of the day, it is worth it. Through this process, I discover that I will have a lot of hard courses and I will need to improve my time management skill in order to make it to graduation. Having a degree map as a visual representation of my four-year degree makes four years look shorter than it’s actually is, which helps motivate me more. It’s very beneficial.

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