Don’t Judge A Muslim By A Hijab

The Al Islah Girls High School in Audley Range, Blackburn, collect food for the Tauheedul Charity project ‘Food For All’.

As a African-American male life isn’t easy in America because there is a lot of stereotyping. We usually all get treated as one and usually one of our actions define the whole race no matter if it’s good or bad. As a African-American in the United States of America I’ve started to realize that I’m not the only one getting treated unfairly. I have a girlfriend who is Middle-Eastern and Muslim. She is often treated well in the U.S. You have some ignorant people that will look at her a certain type of way when she’s walking around in regular clothes. When she puts her Muslim hijab on she is usually judged way harder and people treat her way differently than they do without the hijab.

The United States of America and other countries like France, Turkey, and Germany is developing an hatred for the Middle-Eastern race. They are also developing an hatred for the Muslim religion as a whole. The terrorism that has recently been happening in these countries has caused Americans to look at certain people as threats because of the way they dress or look. The Muslim race isn’t the cause for all the terroristic events happening around the world. The recent events that took place by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has left the world in shock. The whole Muslim community doesn’t commit the terroristic events it’s just a small group (under two percent).

The world is now stereotyping all muslims because the recent actions. It totally isn’t fair for the community. How would the White-Americans feel if the world stereotyped every single one of them for school shootings? How would the White-Americans feel if the world stereotyped all them as Ku Klux Klan members? Those minor terroristic groups shouldn’t make the whole race be hated, discriminated, or stereotyped. Muslims are some of the most friendliest people you can meet and many people nowadays will never know this because they are scared to get to know them. I just hope you read this article and start to actually look at everyone like they are equal. You never know what one person can do for you no matter the religion or the race.

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