From Procrasination to Progression

When I observe my current personal study habits, I acknowledge that I have more weaknesses rather than strengths. Although I still possess good qualities and characteristics of an academically successful student, overcoming my academic weaknesses is a process that I believe this learning project will assist me with. With this learning project, I hope to go from procrastination to progression with my academic success and study skills. Creating a plan of study and actually following the plan is the key to improving my studying habits. I want to go from a poor note-taker to a productive note-taker, an independent worker to a team player, and from a perfectionist to an optimist through the course of this project.

Academic weaknesses vary from student to student. One common weakness for students, however, is procrastination. For me, procrastination is my biggest weakness. I’m constantly saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Then tomorrow comes, and I still don’t get to it. A weakness that is promoted by my habit to procrastinate is trying to accomplish more than one task at a time. I’ll have so many things to do, but in my mind, not enough time. Why? The answer is obvious and simple. I’ve waited so long and wasted so much time that when it’s time for everything to be fully completed, I try to cram everything in all at once.

Another academic weakness that I posses is being overly independent. Although I am able to work in a group or as a team, I usually prefer to work alone, so whenever the teacher says, “Get in groups… or you can work alone, if you’d like.”, I’m usually the one doing the assignment solo. Independency is a great quality to posses and one that will be very vital in adult life, but sometimes I am forced to realize that some assignments are too complex to be done on my own. Other academic weakness for me include focusing too much to details, perfecting an assignment or project, and taking and reviewing notes.

Writing this pre-project reflection is the beginning of my journey to better studying habits, causing me to distinguish my strengths as a student. My ability to organize is one academic strength I possess. In high school, I learned the importance of organization. Understanding the effects that organization can have on your academic profile has allowed me to learn how to balance school, work, and extracurricular activities, which is key to college success. Meeting deadlines, payments, work duties, and etc. are all benefits of organizing. Other key strengths for me are willingness to learn, acceptance of constructive criticism, and self-motivation. My most valuable strength, however, would be my acceptance of change. In order to overcome my weaknesses, I understand that I have to be willing to change. I have to change in order to transform my weakness into strengths, and I accept this challenge of change.

Thank you, Dr. Trivedi and the KSU Department of First-Year and Transition Studies in advance for this learning experience and academic transformation.

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