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Yearn Partner Roundup #5

Week Ending January 24, 2021

Jan 22 · 3 min read

Welcome to the Yearn Partner Roundup — a weekly newsletter summarizing everything in Yearn‘s partner ecosystems.

🍣 SushiSwap Summary

🔒 Keep3r Summary

  • updated. You can now add KP3R credits via liquidity & unbonding directly through the UI. Supported pairs: KP3R-HEGIC, KP3R-LDO, KP3R-WETH, KP3R-BZRX.

🍦 CREAM Summary

🥒 Pickle Finance Summary

🛡️ Cover Protocol Summary

🏛️ Akropolis Summary

Disclaimer: These updates are non-exhaustive and not meant to be representative of all the happenings in the ecosystems mentioned. The goal of this newsletter is to provide key insights for Yearn community members.

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Yearn Partner Roundup

A weekly newsletter summarizing everything in Yearn’s partner ecosystems.