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Yearn Partner Roundup #6

Week Ending January 31, 2021

Jan 29 · 3 min read

Welcome to the Yearn Partner Roundup — a weekly newsletter summarizing everything in Yearn‘s partner ecosystems.

🍣 SushiSwap Summary

  • SotN #31: The Rise of SushiSwap with 0xMaki. 0xMaki joined the Bankless State of the Nation to discuss SushiSwap vs Uniswap, integrations and partnerships, the future of SushiSwap, and more.
  • Voting for SIMP #3 — Vesting is live. Around three months ago, the community agreed to vest ⅔ of newly minted SUSHI for 6 months. There was no clear implementation of the vesting and its release, and it ended up being a workaround controlled by the multi-sig. As we approach the 6 month mark, the details of the distribution need to be finalized. You can find the available options in the proposal and voting ends on 1/31.
  • What’s going on with SUSHI and how much could it be worth? In light of SushiSwap’s monthly volumes growing over 300% since December, this thread ponders how much SUSHI should be worth.

🔒 Keep3r Summary

  • The FTX Podcast — Andre Cronje Ep.3. In this episode of The FTX Podcast, Andre discusses KP3R, impermanent loss protection, the Iron Bank, DeFi conglomerates and building for yourself rather than money.

🍦 CREAM Summary

🥒 Pickle Finance Summary

  • DILL Implementation Underway. DILL is rewarded to users who lock their PICKLE for four years — receiving yield boosts in the process. The contracts are currently being audited.

🛡️ Cover Protocol Summary

🏛️ Akropolis Summary

  • Akropolis January Update. This update covers the ADEL>AKRO swap, hack compensation, and more.
  • Development Update: Akropolis. This update covers quite a few pieces of news regarding Akropolis development from the Yearn interface integration to revised development processes.

Disclaimer: These updates are non-exhaustive and not meant to be representative of all the happenings in the ecosystems mentioned. The goal of this newsletter is to provide key insights for Yearn community members.

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Yearn Partner Roundup

A weekly newsletter summarizing everything in Yearn’s partner ecosystems.