Some things I wrote and some things that just happened

I finished writing a book called Kim Kardashian: Trapped In Her Own Game. A year ago at this time it had been read 500k times, but as of today it’s been read over 2M times? What the heck.

And this book showed up in the syllabus (alongside ANNA TODD) for a class at Princeton taught by Anne Jamison: ENG 222 — Fanfiction: Transformative Works from Shakespeare to Sherlock.

And also an excerpt appeared in Cosmo.

I wrote a Justified/1D mashup fic for Vulture’s fanfic special. AND it was well-received by the 1D fanfic community! Which I had been panicked about.

I wrote about how much I love Spanx. I almost never write non-fiction-y personal stuff so I appreciated how well this was received.

Got paid to write fanfiction for Comedy Central.

Wrote a bunch of small things/pitches that you might never see but I worked hard on them and I like how they turned out!

Got sent to FanExpo Canada by Wattpad to meet fans and talk on panels about digital storytelling and fanfiction. Got to meet Sam Maggs and Sabrina Hughes and all kinds of amazing, inspiring people.

Got to read with insanely talented performers Rachel Klein and Josh Gondelman.

Kept a list, for the first time in my life, of “interesting things” that happened to me. It’s not to share and wouldn’t make sense to anyone else as “accomplishments” (“[PERSON I DIDN’T KNOW KNEW I EXISTED] TWEETED ABOUT ME. [PERSON I WORSHIP] WISHED ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”). (OK here’s one: Ameriie talked to me about books on Goodreads!!!) But they were these quick, quiet moments that collectively add up to a pretty cool year. And looking back I’m so glad I forced myself to stop and pay attention to those moments because otherwise I would look back on the year like “I guess I got some writing done?” when really it was filled with so insanely much to be thankful for.

Met a lot of cool & interesting & inspiring people on the internet.

Made it through a lot of difficult stuff, mainly related to family, but I didn’t use it as an excuse to stop writing or stop doing the things I need to do to be healthy and present and not terrible.

Got about 65k words (so far) into the sequel to Kim K Trapped, Kim Kardashian: #BreakTheGame. It’s weird to see this just as a line item on a list but this involved a lot of work! I showed up every day and worked very hard on this and I love how it’s turning out, I think it’s my favorite thing I’ve ever written, and the fandom that has developed around my Kim K books, and all the other random, cool things that have arisen as a result of my writing them, is a bigger blessing than I can even wrap my head around.