2015 Was A Year, Like All Years

Indulging in what 2014 me would call an exercise in narcissism is a new thing that 2015 me is trying out for the time being. 2016 me will hopefully be better at looking at what I did and not being afraid to actually share it. Promoting your work is necessary but feels performative in a very specific way, filling me with the same kind of dread that I get when the cast of CATS comes off the stage and into the aisles, winding their sinuous bodies around a captive audience.

Why else do I do work? What’s the point of something if someone hasn’t read it? I wrote a lot this year, more than I’ve ever written in my career. I still don’t think it’s enough. Here, in no particular order are the things that I liked the most.

  1. “The Cathartic Pleasures Of TJ Maxx’s Home Goods Section” for Racked
  2. This little thing about workplace diversity and being the “only one” at work.
  3. “The Long Con Of Joan Didion” for Gawker Review of Books(RIP)
  4. “HGTV And The Fantasy of Home Improvement” for The Billfold.
  5. “Hate-Reading Is The Best And Worst Thing You Can Do” for The Frisky.
  6. “Several People Are Typing” for The Billfold.
  7. “On The Unique Stockholm Syndrome Of Cat Ownership” for The Frisky.
  8. “Why I’ll Never Wear Heels Again” for Cosmopolitan
  9. “In Praise of ‘Scary’ Women” for The Frisky
  10. And finally, the time I wrote about poop and Instagram teatoxes in a frank and honest manner for Racked.