Now That’s What I Call Brendan

A thing that is apparently useful for a writer to do is to collect some of the things that they have written in the previous year into a single place. So I am going to do that, presumably in the event that an editor reads one and maybe thinks, “Hey, that was pretty good. I should hire this kid or assign him something!” (Yes, hello, here is my email address, I’m very clean and nice.) Also it will make my mom really happy. Anyway! Here are my favorite things I wrote this year.

For The Hairpin, I wrote about going to a naked yoga class. (It was bad.) I also wrote about teens, death, and breaking into an abandoned psychiatric hospital.

I wrote many pieces for The Awl. One was about the trial of a man who forged a Jasper Johns sculpture. Another was about America’s oldest weekly rodeo show. It’s in New Jersey! I bet that you did not know that. I also wrote about dinosaurs, God, and growing up, a tortoise’s taxidermied corpse, and a murder trial in Brooklyn.

That last piece led to a longer story for Noisey on government prosecutors using amateur rappers’ lyrics as evidence.

I wrote about a book in a non-academic context for the first time (I think?), a piece on Moby-Dick and the Moby Dick Marathon for The Oyster Review.

I participated in and wrote about a very silly obstacle race called the Civilian Military Combine and covered a pro-NYPD rally outside City Hall for Gawker.

Also I sent a lot of tweets.