Published Hanson ‘14

My first full calendar year in New York, the Big Apple, Broadway, baby! Here are the pieces I had published this year that still please me, that still tickle my pridebone even if just a bit.

Homeless in Holiday

An essay on what a hometown means to me, during the holidays, as I was raised in a military family who moved frequently.


A humor piece about mental illnesses derived from living in New York for The Hairpin, illustrated by the outrageously talented Hallie Bateman.

Dude Text Decoded

Also for The Hairpin, jokes about sad, straight dudes texting.

In more humor writing: Tinder Tips for the Modern Witch at Jezebel, a slew of weird, fan-fic-ish television coverage for Gawker’s Morning After, and Four Fresh Lifehacks for The Awl.

Shock and Awe High School

On living in Germany with a new stepmother and a father at war, for The Toast.

Tomorrow is 2014: The Unicorns’ Fitting End

For Impose, and technically on the last day of 2013, I got to write about one of my favorite bands, one of my favorite EPs, and how spectacular of a cap those songs were on their short career. Luckily, less than a year later, I’d be seeing them at Barclays, jaw dropped, bricks in my diaper.

Thank every last one of you. If you’d like to get in touch for any reason, please email me at You can find more weird shorts on my Medium, and I try to update with clips as necessary.

(Oh I write poetry, too, and here are some of my favorites from this year)

Commitment (Eating Pills in The Loge of The Empress)

Seven Deadly Daughters

Hanson Family Fist Fight

No Greens

No Christmas in Corona

All The Things That Could Be Happening Tonight

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