yeeth updates #1

BeaconChain re-implementation & Beginnings of BLS

Dean Eigenmann
Feb 7, 2019 · 2 min read

Since announcing yeeth, we have been actively working on many of our code bases to continue development of ETH 2.0 in Swift. Over the past 2 weeks, we made significant progress on multiple fronts:

Contributions to the BeaconChain Spec

Our updates over the past two weeks included contributions to the BeaconChain specification itself along with multiple minor fixes, including spelling mistakes and naming issues. Additioanly we defined a new helper function.

Pull Request #567

One of our contributions moved some duplicated code into a helper function to calculate the total balance of a set of validators.


After having implemented the spec, we realized that some of our handling of changes to the spec was a little broken and the code had diverged from it. Therefore, we decided to re-implement the spec from scratch. We are almost ready to merge the reimplementation.

Check out the pull request here.


We’ve started working on our implementation of a BLS wrapper which wraps around the MCL library written by Herumi. There are currently minor complications with compiling the source, but we are working on fixing these issues.


Finally, we decided to start a Gitcoin grant. The money which will be used to fund Gitcoin issues allowing us to incentivize more collaborators working on our Swift implementation.


Yeezy Ethereum, pronounced: how Mike Tyson says “yes”

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