yeeth updates #3

Eric Tu
Eric Tu
May 24, 2019 · 2 min read
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Ultralight Beam shining into the eyes of New Yorkers — ETH New York 2019

From our last update, we’ve been collaborating tightly with other ETH 2.0 implementors. We participated at NYC Blockchain week mainly at the ETH 2.0 Interop Workshop (thanks to Joe Delong for running that) and ETH New York.


Recently the Lodestar team announced a collaboration with the Yeeth team. We will be working hard together to build ETH 2.0 components in AssemblyScript. This work will allow for components to be reuseable for more projects by targeting WebAssembly. Also this effort will be a big step forward for the eventual goal of having an ETH 2.0 client living in the browser. For more information, read the announcement from ChainSafe here.

Ultralight Beam

Ultralight Beam is a joint effort by the Yeeth team (Dean Eigenmann and Eric Tu) and ChainSafe Systems (Gregory Markou, and Cayman Nava) and Status which describes a protocol for sending messages between offline devices which resemble a MANET.

This project started as a hack at the ETH New York hackathon where we were honoured to be finalists with 4 other amazing projects.
And now we are excited to announce that Ultralight Beam’s minimal spec will be released in the coming weeks.


Since the last update, we had to move to a different implementation of the BLS libraries we use. We will now use AMCL from Apache. This will make everything a lot more clean, since AMCL is already capable of being directly consumed in Swift without any need for additional bindings and glue.


Yeezy Ethereum, pronounced: how Mike Tyson says “yes”

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