“Those who have learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” -Charles Darwin

There’s good and bad outcomes when you network. The bad is simply that you struck out and no one seems to care. The good is that you hooked someone in and they are interested in you. Building our own networks of people are essential towards collaboration. The billion dollar idea that most of us have usually doesn’t see the light of day, because we want to work on it ourselves. Trust me, I’ve had that mentality for a few years. During my time so far in the Television program at NAIT, that way of thinking has changed. In media, collaboration is part of the key to success, whether you’re a freelancer, working at a TV station or a production company. Same goes for YouTubers and other content creators. When you collaborate, it’s a win win scenario.

YouTubers Unite! 😃

Launch of YouTube Space Toronto on April 26, 2016. (laurDIY)

YouTube Space Toronto has now opened up a new door for content creation here in Canada. It is what some Canadian YouTubers consider the dawn of a new era. Strike that… It is a green screen of opportunity . You have to admit, that’s sexier. More importantly, the “YouTube Space is a facility, but more than that, it’s an idea. And the idea is that when people come together in person, it enhances everyone’s creative work product,” states Liam Collins, Head of YouTube Spaces for the Americas. Collins adds that the Spaces allow the “opportunity to have creators lay eyes on one another and being able to connect in person.”

“Creative people really thrive in environments where they have supportive relationships. 👥 To be surrounded by other people who are doing the same thing as you, can help you to feel not so lonely in this whole YouTube creator process,” expressed Love Guru, Kimberly Moffit (Ask Kimberly). Visionary Vegan, Candice Hutchings (Edgy Veg) said “it was hard for us to find other creators to talk to and feed off that creative energy. Now we have a space to do it.” Another supporter of collaboration is Sassy Scientist, Gregory Brown (AsapSCIENCE) who believes “collaborating is a huge part of YouTube.”

YouTube Space TO x George Brown College 🏫

The idea is that when people come together in person, it enhances everyone’s creative work product. Coming together to learn, connect and create new content compliments the collaboration between YouTube Spaces Americas and George Brown College. “We found in other cities that partnering with an education institution is really effective,” Head of YouTube Spaces Americas, Liam Collins says. This isn’t the first time that a YouTube Space has teamed up with an educational institution — Sao Paula and Berlin are partnerships that were noted by Collins.

The college will be using the studios as part of a new set of courses that essentially teach students to become YouTube stars:

  • “Acting for Media” — focuses on performing in digital video, set to launch September 2016.
  • “Video Design” — covers subjects such as filming, animation and motion graphics, set to launch January 2017.

Students will have the opportunity to learn from the established YouTube gurus in the facility. Collins says the space will become a melting pot for media old and new.

According to Collins, all the media companies in the city will be invited to work there. “We’ll have Bell here, we expect. We’ll have Rogers here. I’d love to have TVO come do something here.”

The space will become a melting pot for media old and new.

YouTube Space EDM x ???? 🏙

Collaborations would only continue to flourish in Edmonton. There are multiple avenues to take. In this case, besides brand deals, money is the most crucial element and I mean a lot of it. 💸💸💸

News and Sports Anchors for the third last show of NAIT 2nd Edition News. (L to R: Mason Ulvestad, Cory Sellar and Audrey French.)

The hope is that at least one educational institution comes aboard. Besides funding, they would help collaborate with the learning component in the facility and also connect it to their students. A prime example would be the Radio and Television program at NAIT.

Like Toronto, the media companies (Bell, Rogers and Shaw) would have the opportunity to work here too.

Collaboration is a product of community, creating content to be consumed by the world-wide community. Some of the greatest contributors to popular culture were part of a duo, part of a team. Giving birth to a YouTube Space in Edmonton will not be an easy delivery. It will require a team of dedicated specialists from all professions and with various talents; giving her life, nurturing her, watching her grow and having an impact. That is about as much as anyone can expect of someone or something new to this world: it made a difference.

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