A Complete Introduction to High-Frequency Crypto Trading

Due to its volatile nature, crypto could be even a better match for HFT than the traditional markets.

High-frequency crypto trading faces “sandwich attacks.” Read about them below.

What is high-frequency trading?

Who does high-frequency trading?

How is high-frequency trading different in crypto?

Strategies of High-Frequency Crypto Trading

(i) Crypto Arbitrage

(ii) Crypto Market Making

(iii) Smart order routing

Limitations of high-frequency crypto trading

What will make high-frequency trading in crypto easier?

State channels

How would an HFT trader benefit from Yellow Network?

Final Note

Want to learn more about Yellow Network and cross-chain trading technology?



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Julie Plavnik

FinTech nomad. Web3 content strategist and writer. Ultra spiritual Jew living in Bali.