Institutional Adoption Of Crypto Is Gaining Momentum

Here Is What Would Push Institutional Involvement In Crypto Into Overdrive.

Why are more institutions investing in crypto now?

(a) The high potential upside of crypto and better portfolio diversification

(b) Hedging capabilities against inflation and economic policy uncertainties

(c) Progress in addressing crypto regulatory ambiguity

What crypto are institutions buying?

What are still the barriers to institutional crypto adoption?

(i) Lack of knowledge and absence of relevant value appreciation framework

(ii) Volatility

(iii) Uncertainty of regulation

(iv) Crypto liquidity fragmentation

What can be fixed now to speed up institutional crypto adoption?

Cross-chain P2P Trading resolves liquidity fragmentation.




Connecting Web3 Crypto Liquidity Worldwide — Layer3 Cross-Chain P2P Financial Info Exchange Network

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Julie Plavnik

FinTech nomad. Web3 content strategist and writer. Ultra spiritual Jew living in Bali.