What’s Up, Grandma Ji: Day 3

“… we are all on a trajectory of growth from birth…”

But I’m warming the pot.

I challenge them with the idea that unlike stars, it is we who rev the engine of our rise, and ultimately, our twinkle.

I explain how stars develop slow and steadily or hot and robustly based on the direction of growth post nebula, or post initial spurt, and how they remain on that trajectory ’til their final flicker.

Image: © J. Cole

We, on the other hand, may start one way; change our diet, friends, and thinking; and what d’ya know?

We wake up one morning having literally changed our brains and the expression of our DNA!

I go into all of this, the science, the symbolism, and what not.

Then, rounding the bases, I lead them in an exploration of a life led in both fast- and deliberate-motion.

As you’ve probably guessed, the latter has the greatest shelf life, while the former will manage the greatest illumination. The irony, however, is that in this intergalactic scenario, the only star with a fighting chance for immortality is the one that has shone brightest in his lifetime.

Yes, Red Super Giant may have burned himself fast and furiously, but he did give it all, without compunction.

And the universe rewards him for it.

Eternal life is his. (Okay, it feels like an eternity to us earthlings. But, it is granted a super long life, even for an extraterrestrial).

In the middle of this shine fest, with all the gusto and glory he can muster, Star Man supernovas, throws up a Hail Mary, and what do you know, he ends up not only alive, in some cases, but gloriously alive! — a majestic pulsar for us all to regard.

What do we learn from this?

Well, apparently, nothing. My friends got absolutely nothing from my star’s-life analogy.

Going into the debate, I figured I would wing my way to wisdom using the parable, like I do with my mentees; however, my thoughts did little to impress my friends, and less to anchor hope in my own guidance.

It’s so much easier enlightening my little disciples with business scenarios taken from science cases. Or the other way around. Whatever.

(I refuse to use white out. This handwriting business is such a pain. How did humanity live like this for so long? Grams, we might have to do this via WhatsApp next time. Analog’s for the birds. BTW, have you downloaded WA yet? Don’t you wanna see my beautiful face — live from Neeeeeew Yooork?!)

Honestly, business has been the only place I have found use for my life-critical lessons.

Fail. Failure. Yep. That’s me.

Business anyone? Sure.


Dear Grandma,/Rosario →Ji: Round 1

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