NASA’s Review of Solar System Has the Space Lovers Mesmerized

NASA recently posted a video on Instagram showing the coronal mass ejection erupting from the surface of the Sun, which is mesmerizing and ‘hot’ as commented by many users.

NASA’s science encyclopedia of deep space exploration is loaded with mysterious and fascinating observations of the stars and the way they kept the cosmos lovers engaged with their posts.

The video captioned “Our review of the solar system? One star. 🌟 But it’s an awesome star. This image of our Sun shows a coronal mass ejection — or CME — erupting from its surface. These colossal waves of solar plasma shoot billions of particles into space at about 1 million miles, or 1,600,000 kilometers, per hour.⁣” posted on NASA’s official Instagram handle has gained more than 3.5 Million views in 24 hours and it’s already viral among space lovers.

Meanwhile, ⁣NASA also made it clear that the particular CME in the video did not head toward Earth. The CME was seen in extreme ultraviolet light by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) of NASA in 2013.

The space agency also went into explaining CMEs and said that, unlike solar flares which can temporarily cause communications and navigation blackouts as they are powerful bursts of radiation, CMEs can temporarily overload electrical systems only if the power companies are not prepared.

“Thankfully, our fleet of solar observatories helps us track these fascinating components of space weather, so disruptions on Earth are minimal,” NASA further added in the caption.

Originally published at on July 30, 2021.

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