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This Seven Years Old Girls Discovered Seven Asteroids for NASA

Nicola Oliviera, a 7-years old girl from Brazil who discovered seven asteroids has become the youngest astronomer in the world.

Nicola was just two years old when she discovered her love for space and astronomy. She took part in a citizen-science program called ‘Asteroid Hunt’ organized by International Astronomical Search Collaboration and NASA is also a part of this program.

Under this program, Nicola helped discover seven asteroids for which she was awarded a certificate as a token of appreciation for her effort.

According to a Brazilian news organization named ‘R7’, Oliviera’s love for astronomy only grew by leaps and bounds. At the age of two, she asked her mother to get a star. She got her a toy star to make do with at that point but it was only then that she realized what her daughter actually wanted.

Brazil’s Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation also invited her to give a lecture during their first-ever International Seminar on Astronomy and Aeronautics.

Nicolas also hosts her youtube channel where she imparts her knowledge of astronomy and talks about asteroids, space, and things that fascinate her. At times, she even invites eminent researchers and professors in this field to share their wealth of knowledge in the same for the people who truly want to know more about the subject.

Originally published at on July 27, 2021.



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