Selecting Business Management and Accounting Software: 5 Practical Tips

Alex Lashkov
May 15, 2019 · 3 min read
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In this day and age, new technologies are emerging every day, competition is growing, and customers are becoming more and more demanding. To survive in such a constantly changing and increasingly challenging environment, businesses have to be fast, flexible, and use the best tools. Nowadays, business automation and accounting software is key to success, which means you should be very careful when choosing these tools.

Today we will present the factors to analyze when shopping for an ideal solution.


This is why it is necessary to analyze the full feature list thoroughly before implementing new software. For example, the 1C:Enterprise platform combines a lot of functions tailored to specific accounting activities with other business processes which allows companies to “relieve several pains with one pill.”


It’s a good idea here to study scalability options the developers of a specific system have to offer. The software that has entry-level features, as well as solutions for medium-sized and enterprise businesses, should be a safer bet.


For example, in the 1C:Enterprise platform, companies can choose what segments they want to automate: procurement, sales, payroll, manufacturing control, accounting, etc. Business can activate these subsystems when needed.

Also, it is important to carefully review the integration options the specific system provides. As your business grows, you’ll need multiple services, from POS terminals and payment processing to inventory management and marketing. If your business management and accounting software can be integrated with these specific tools, it will save you a lot of resources.

Customization opportunities

People do not like change, especially if they are required to put in lots of effort to learn new interface elements, for example. Therefore, if you can use a custom UI setup and, say, hide the elements users do not need, this would help in making the interface look more familiar.

Always double check the list of customization features the developers have implemented. The more things you can change, the more the final product will be tailored to your specific needs.

Post-sale Support

A lack of support is often a reason for the low price of specific solutions. But minimal savings today may result in significant losses tomorrow. This is why you should always be sure that developers offer a good level of support. Read reviews, contact companies who are already using the software, and spend some time putting in the research to avoid potential problems in the future.

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