How to connect vMix

Yellow Duck is an application that will allow you to live stream to Instagram from your PC machine via vMix encoder.

Yellow Duck gives you the ability to get your Instagram RTMP URL and stream key, which allows you to stream from external devices.

  1. Launch vMix and click the gear icon next to Stream button in the bottom of main window.

2. Use “Yellow Duck” as a profile name. Choose “Custom RTMP Server” as Destination. Copy your RTMP URL and stream key from Yellow Duck application to your vMix URL and Stream Name or Key fields accordingly.

3. Click the gear icon next to Quality field. Set Bitrate to 2000. Change scene resolution in Encoder Size field to 720x1080 as it’s default resolution of Instagram streams. Set Audio Bitrate to 128. Set Profile to Main. Save all changes and close all dialogue windows.

4. Make sure to rotate all your sources clockwise once so it’s more convenient to watch your stream on a mobile device. For doing this, click Configure various input settings button with the gear icon next to your source.

Set rotation to “-1.5708463” and zoon to “0.565”.

To start stream click Stream button in the main vMix window.

You will need to update the stream key in stream settings before each broadcast and start stream only while Yellow Duck application is running.




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Yellow Duck

Yellow Duck

Stream to Instagram Live from your computer.

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