How to connect Wirecast to Yellow Duck

You can easily setup Yellow Duck to stream to Instagram from your PC machine via Wirecast encoder.

  1. Go to Wirecast Output — Canvas Size — Custom settings.

2. Create a preset with 720x1280 resolution, as Instagram supports only vertical video.

3. Next, go to Output settings and select RTMP Server as destination.

4. Insert both lines of RTMP Server and RTMP Key to Address field

5. Create a new Encoder Preset by clicking the gear icon and then View Details.

6. Set Width to 720; Height to 1280, and Target Audio Bitrate to 128. Save as a new preset.

7. Remember to rotate your sources and scale them to fit the scene canvas if you expect your content to be viewed in horizontal mode




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Yellow Duck

Yellow Duck

Stream to Instagram Live from your computer.

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