How to use Yellow Duck on Windows

Yellow Duck is an application that will allow you to stream to Instagram from your Windows PC or other devices.

Yellow Duck gives you the ability to get your Instagram RTMP URL and stream key, which allows you to stream from external devices.

1. First of all, download our application.

2. Allow to Download in the left corner (for chrome users) and click Keep.

2. Run Yellow Duck and exercise the application in any case, it may also ask for additional software installations that you need to make. Wait till installation is complete.

Wait for package downloading.

3. Log in to your Instagram account.

Tip: You can run into various Instagram warnings. Here is the article on how to avoid or fix access issues.

4. Now you can get your RTMP link and key for the stream.

5. Simply copy your RTMP link and stream key and use it with the device of your choice. Keep in mind that you need to use it and start the stream fast, as your key is valid only for a few minutes.

You are all set and good to go. Here you can find on how to setup Yellow Duck with any encoder.

If you want to finish your stream, just click on the logout icon.

If you are having problems with the Yellow Duck application, check our Troubleshooting guides for Mac and Windows.




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Yellow Duck

Yellow Duck

Stream to Instagram Live from your computer.

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