How to use Yellow Duck with Restream

You can easily setup Yellow Duck to stream to Instagram from your Restream account if you want to use it as one of the destination services they provide.

For doing that, you will need a Custom RTMP channel. Keep in mind that it is a paid feature at

So let’s follow a few simple setup steps.

1. Start the Yellow Duck application.

2. Log in to your Instagram account.

3. Get your stream key and RTMP URL for the Instagram account.

Important: Keep in mind that you need to use it and start the stream fast, as your key is valid only for a less than two minutes.

4. Paste your stream key and RTMP link to your Custom RTMP channel at Restream.

5. When you start the stream to Restream, it will be delivered to your Instagram. Make sure not to delay, since you have only a few minutes to start before your stream key expires.

Tip: Keep in mind that you cannot see your stream from your profile on Instagram.



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