How to set up SLOBS with Yellow Duck

You can easily set up Yellow Duck to stream to Instagram from your PC with the SLOBS.

Here are the steps.

1. Start your Yellow Duck application.

2. Log in to your Instagram.

3. Get your stream key and RTMP URL for the Instagram account. Important: Keep in mind that as soon as your login passes you have a few minutes window to start your stream since your key will expire in few minutes.

4. Paste your stream key and RTMP link to your SLOBS settings Custom Server setup.

5. Start the stream and it will be delivered to your Instagram.

Tip: Keep in mind that you cannot see you own stream and live status.

This workflow will work with any hardware, software, mobile or any other encoder (even your own server) as long as it has the ability to send data to a Custom Server.




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Yellow Duck

Yellow Duck

Stream to Instagram Live from your computer.

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