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Yelp Design: An Introduction

Hello world,
We’re Yelp Product Design, and it’s so nice to finally meet you!

We’re pleased to present a many-faced, many-voiced look into our minds and our ever-changing design process. Here, you can expect to find case studies that read like epics, tales of cooperation and collaboration, and interviews with our talented team. We spend every day puzzling out problems, so why keep the solutions to ourselves when we can cast them outwards to you, the greater design community? We hope our process can serve as a blueprint for your innovations, and that your work becomes its own blueprint for others, et cetera, et cetera…

Truth be told, our motivations for publishing aren’t entirely selfless — we want your eyes on us, sparking a discussion and daring us to do better. We came to Medium because it’s as much a platform for discussion as it is one for distribution, so follow us and let us know what you think of our posts! We’ll be updating this page regularly, and your comments help us know what subjects and formats keep you coming back for more.

In between posts, you can enjoy the fruits of our creative labors on Dribbble and, of course, by using Yelp and Eat24. If you like what we’re doing, drop by and join the team!

See you around,
— The Yelp Design Team

The Yelp Product Design Team | 2016




Stories from Yelp's Product Design Team

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Yelp Design Team

Yelp Design Team

Take a peek into the minds of Yelp’s Product Design Team

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