Talking about God on Facebook? Make It Personal!

A friend of mine, Beatrice*, recently shared a Christian-themed video on her Facebook page about all the suffering that exists in the world. Beatrice is relatively new to the faith and is passionate about finding videos or articles that affirm her new worldview.

It wasn’t long before a friend of hers commented that he didn’t agree with the viewpoint of the video. From there ensued a long yet thankfully civilised discussion about God and suffering. The friend even brought out the famous Stephen Fry video where Fry states that he would ask God why He created bugs that cause blindness. (For a balanced view on the Stephen Fry video, check out this — Getting Stuck on Stephen Fry)

I watched the Facebook conversation deteriorate further with every complex question that was raised. I could see that Beatrice’s attempts to combat debate topics such as “Why does God allow suffering?” were clearly not helping her friend understand God or in any way lead him towards a relationship with God, so I thought I’d try a different angle. I decided to chime in with my personal story instead.

Why make it personal? Because I believe that God is interested in our everyday lives.

It is His involvement in my day to day activities that continues to drive my relationship with Him; not the theological and philosophical questions that only confuse and obfuscate.

After adding my input, I opened my yesHEis app and searched the video library for videos attached to the keyword “suffer”. There appeared a video about God meeting people in their personal struggles, called “Pain and Suffering”.

Through posting this video, I was able to encourage Beatrice to keep sharing her faith, but also engage the curiosity of a non-believer at a heart level, not a head level.

Situations like this inspire me to keep growing in my own understanding and relationship with God, enabling me to share more of Him wherever I go.