Kamal — Helping you rethink the way you share your faith!

Meet Kamal, an awesome guy 👱🏻 we met in Mumbai while shooting some testimonies. However, something about Kamal really stood out, he was relentless in his pursuit of Christ, and made sure everyone knew that about him. When we asked him about this desire of his he replied, “I love using innovative ways to proclaim God’s word and the name of Jesus.” He then showed us pictures of the various ways he’s gone about proclaiming Jesus’ name. Something that really stood out to us was the fact that he showed no signs of slowing down. He was constantly talking with us about new ideas he had, new tattoos he was thinking of getting, and new ways he could redesign his car so that he could be “louder” 📯 in the ways he was proclaiming Jesus. Needless to say, we were inspired and encouraged by him and his enthusiasm to share the ✝️ Gospel.

How does someone like Kamal become so passionate about Jesus? It all began when he got married to Muskan, who was a secret believer. Kamal didn’t care for Christ too much, as far as his life was concerned, he didn’t need Christ. That all changed when he met with a serious bike accident, and nearly destroyed his knee. in fact, the damage done to his knee was so bad, that the doctors were recommending knee replacement surgery. In excruciating pain, he allowed for his wife and some members of the church she was attending to come and pray for him. He can only describe what happened after as “miraculous”, because he experienced a complete healing in his knee. What he went through changed his life completely, and transformed him into the person he is today.
Kamal’s car

The Kamal we see today 💁🏽 is “all about” sharing Jesus, and nothing seems to be stopping him. Popularly and affectionately known as the guy with the yesHEis tattoo, Kamal has gone to great heights to let people know that he is a follower of Jesus and is truly changing the way we think about sharing our faith.

So.. What did I learn 🤔 from Kamal? I learned that when I can be truly innovative, I can take the message of Christ where I’ve never been able to take it before. Like Kamal, if we can all constantly strive to be more and more creative in the ways we proclaim Christ, we can truly make an impact ✌🏼 on our culture.

What have you learned from Kamal and his Story?

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