Be The Hero

What is a hero of faith? A hero of faith is someone who shows us a great display of faith in action. Madalas tumitingin tayo sa mga taong nasa Bible. Mga tao na ang laki ng mga nagagawa for the kingdom of God na halos hindi tayo makapaniwala na possible pala yun. Yung mga tao na ang laki ng challenge na hinarap pero todo parin ang faith nila kay God.

When you look at it closely, our heroes in the Bible were ordinary people who were empowered by God. What does this mean? This means na we, who are following the same God, kaya din natin to walk with the same faith as our own heroes. tayo may sarili tayong heroes, kaibigan or pastor na ang laki ng faith na pinakita. So much na masasabi mo sa sarili mo na pwede pala ang magkaroon ng ganung klaseng faith. Alam mo, we need more people like these in our lives. Sabi ni John Stott:

He’s saying na kulang ang mga example natin of lives who are changed by Jesus. It’s a sad reality, pero kapag tiningnan mo siya from a different perspective, it’s also a great opportunity.

You have the chance to be a hero of faith in someone’s life. How, we only need to live by faith and obedience to Jesus Christ. Stop blending in and living the way the world is living, but be a light that shines the light of Jesus Christ to the world. Ipakita mo sa mga nakaka-witness sa buhay mo yung hope, love, peace, kindness, and generosity that can only be given by someone who has Jesus in their life. Be salt and light to the world, so that people might be encouraged by the life that you are living.

Remember, God is the source of the extraordinary things that happen in our lives. The same God that our heroes in the Bible worshipped, is the same God we are worshipping today. Kaya mo maging hero of faith para sa iba kapag ang buhay mo ay ibigay mo ng buo kay Jesus.



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