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Millennials easily get generalized these days and I can’t deny that some of the things written about us are true. One of the most accurate assumptions about us is how much we use the internet. We use it to learn more, express ourselves, keep in touch, and meet more people, too. With these as a free and easy package, the internet serves a big part of our daily lives.

I was in grade school when I first learned about the internet and its way of communication. My mom looked forward to checking her email’s inbox. Emails helped my mom and her friends keep in touch and exchange thoughtful lessons through news and stories. She would read them then print some news with lessons for my sister and I to read. The emails exchanged were like old-school letters only it’s typed and sent easily. I saw its convenience and purpose that I asked if I could use the internet. My mom approved and it’s where all this began for me ♥

My blogging and social media exposure started around 2002. For almost a decade, though I got to make real friends and maintain real friendships, I used my blogs and social media accounts for self-centered concerns. I intentionally used it to display myself, exalt achievements, share my opinion and interests, and pour out feelings. For a long, long time, I didn’t use the internet according to how I first appreciated it: exposure to learning and easy communication.

By the grace of God, not long after surrendering my life to Christ Jesus, I had the desire to use the internet for a different purpose. I started to blog about my redeemed life and how God’s love moves day by day, week by week. In the process of sharing my life online, I made more friends! Other followers of Christ Jesus, single moms, married moms, and those looking for more on faith started to express their appreciation for my sharing. This made a way for us to keep in touch and share updates of each other’s lives. Many of those I started to be friends with online are still good friends with me today ♥ The online platform I use for blogging since 2010 is Tumblr. I deleted my old Tumblr personal account to move here, Life Like Lilies, but I kept the .

is one of the many proof that while we are alive here, following God’s heart and seeking Him more, He is not done yet! Yes, God’s work in my life overflows through. Here is the back story:

It began in 2011 when I started reading the Bible through more quiet time. Writing them down helps me keep them at heart but I was still struggling with the things I love to do then — I tend to misuse gifts and convenience.

By the grace of God, the same year was a massive hear work for me. Instead of pouring hours on editing self portraits to post on social media, I started to put Scripture on the free wallpapers I saw. It’s how I came up with Scripture in Pictures. PRAISE GOD ♥ I intentionally started making it for others because at that time my mini laptop’s wallpaper can’t be replaced. Crushed being stuck with the same Windows wallpaper, I took the pleasure of making sure others could enjoy what I was missing. Without expectations about what I make, God encouraged me through people left and right. The 1st batch ever made and shared was blessed with comments and requests that I eventually had to make more!

But these are written so that you may continue to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing in him you will have life by the power of his name. (John 20:31)

As I searched for free wallpapers back then and made Scripture in Pictures with them, my eyes were feasting while my heart was nourished by God’s Word. I don’t make them randomly. The Bible verses I share are mostly from quiet time and the rest are from friends or family, and I still look to Scripture to read them from my Bible. Every free wallpaper used was also carefully picked out. From 2012 to present I’ve been using photos I’ve taken while some are from free photos on other sites. It also started late 2016 that Scripture in Pictures are photos taken by yours truly or edits from scratch while some are free images from online editors.

By the glorious mercy and unfailing love of the Lord Jesus, it’s been years of Scripture in Pictures and I’m still excited to share His Word!

All these years NONE of these were ever sold anywhere in any way because 1) some shared are free images or free wallpapers, and I respect the fact that I don’t have the right to get money from them 2) Even the photos that are by yours truly are still free because God’s Word is God’s Word and not mine.

I’m here to encourage and share ways for us to grow in delight of God’s Word.

Treasures gained by wickedness do not profit, but righteousness delivers from death. (Proverbs 10:2)

We’re more than 33,000 Tumblr followers with this account plus a few readers/guests who are not Tumblr users. Praise God for keeping His Word available! Scripture in Pictures has no official Instagram account. But posts are shared with the tag #ScriptureinPictures

From on .

Tumblr also has the private messaging and ask box feature.

I receive and read messages sent through the . Some messages have hate, some send evil influence, some send requests for , some ask for advice, and some send encouragement. Yes! Challenging with more to pray for and study for, but still a joy. I get to enjoy the privilege of internet communication even more.

I get to talk about the love of God more and share the heart of Christ Jesus to others. I don’t get to “keep followers” as mine but I get to lead others to be friends of God.

I’m sharing this because I know many are struggling with issues they’re afraid to ask those around them. Many are online seeking not only affirmation but also genuine conversations. Many are online hoping that they would know more about something their community doesn’t talk about. Many of those I’ve shared the Gospel to placed their faith in Christ Jesus. Many of those who received the Word updated me of how they now believe.

Of course, not everyone can be trusted in the internet BUT we, as God’s redeemed, can surely be the person to lead them to the One they can trust. Oh, if only we’re truly dependent on God’s Word, if only we have the love to share to God’s message to them, and if only we’re bold enough to lead them to Christ Jesus.

With Christ’s Commission Fellowship’s in mind, I challenge you, dear reader:

Look back to when you first understood the Gospel.

Look back to what led you to surrender to Christ Jesus.

Reflect over God’s faithfulness in your life.


Share the Gospel to your online community ♥

Are you on Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? A blogger?

Have received the goodness of God through forgiveness and salvation?

Have you walked through seasons of grace because you are with the LORD Jesus?

Step up your internet posting with life-long joy and eternal purpose:

share the Good News of Christ Jesus.

For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands, for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. (See )

You can find testimonies of sharing God’s Word and the Gospel through on Instagram:

As Scripture and the song goes, I’m (editing and) singing:

♪♫ As for me and my posts, we will serve the LORD ♪♪♫



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