Share Jesus Tip: Don’t Get Stuck on You

Have you ever held back from sharing Jesus because you didn’t feel good enough? It is an easy trap to fall prey to, considering society works on a good/bad system. Here’s the thing though… No one is ‘good enough’ for God. Luckily, our faith in God, and His love for us isn’t based on being good enough for Him.

Whether we make one mistake in our life, or many, we all fall short of God’s standard. That is not something to get down about. The story of the Gospel and the power of grace blows that issue out of the water! (Thank God for Jesus and the Cross) Yet, so often people don’t share their faith because they feel condemned that they don’t measure up. They get stuck on themselves.

Be encouraged, it’s not about you, It’s about Jesus!

Jesus is the most revolutionary person to have ever lived! If you can know Him for who He truly is your life will be forever changed.

Those who share their faith based on their own works don’t truly know Jesus. Here’s why — True faith isn’t looking at what I did yesterday to determine if I am holy enough to share Jesus today. True faith is knowing that I’m righteous because I’m in a loving relationship with Jesus, not because I ticked all the boxes.

Sharing Jesus aught be from an overflow of a thankful heart for what Jesus did, not from a place of guilt for what you haven’t done.

If you’re stuck on you, don’t stay stuck.