Do You Want to Talk About Grace?

3 ways to talk about grace in your Gospel conversations.

Grace is an amazing thing. We as followers of Jesus are all too familiar with grace and its role in why we’re living with eternal hope. But sometimes the concept of grace isn’t really understood by the people we talk to. How do we insert the concept of grace in our conversations so that people will also be able to understand how amazing this grace we’re talking about really is?

We need grace

One of the common misconceptions about people is that we are basically good people. Why would I need grace if I’m not really a bad person? But Romans 3:23 tells us that ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. We’re talking about how totally different God’s standard is compared to ours. On the other side of grace is God’s justice for sinners which is death (Romans 6:23), something that we deserve but are graciously saved from.

You can’t earn grace

Something people believe that getting into God’s graces means earning it by making up for all of the bad things you do in life. When we talk about God we talk about perfect holiness. It means that God cannot accept any kind of sinfulness to be with Him. So we who have sinned cannot do anything of ourselves to erase that from our lives.

Grace has a cost

Some might think that it would be easy for God to just forgive people. But God cannot go against His own character, and one of those is that He is holy. For all it’s worth, we fully deserve the wrath that He has in store for sinners. But He is able to freely give grace because He sent His Son to pay the cost of our sin. That’s right, OUR sin, the wrath that WE deserve was all poured out on Jesus Christ instead of us. If you’re asking why, that’s something I also cannot fully comprehend. That’s just how amazing God’s love is.

Hope these talking points help you talk about grace when having a Gospel conversation! Be confident when sharing your faith! The Holy Spirit will guide you in your conversations!

written by: Kevin Vicencio



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