What’s so Amazing about Grace?

Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me

Ang ganda ng words no? One of the most iconic songs of our faith is also one of the most meaningful. Ano nga ba ang napaka-amazing tunkol sa grace ni God para sa atin?

…a wretch like me

Dati hindi ko naintindihan ang bigat ng linya na to. Growing up in a Christian home, I never thought that I was bad. Ang akala ko was that church was where good kids go, and people who chose to do bad things end up in hell. I thought because I was living my life as a “good person” and following the “Christian” things to do, that was why I was headed to heaven.

It was not until I heard a message on the cross that I realized how wrong I was. Seeing a picture of the cross, lahat ng pain, suffering, and humiliation na pinagdaanan ni Jesus, I realized how great an offense my sin really is for God to pour out His wrath on His son like that. Narealize ko na ang bigat pala ng kasalanan ko kay God. In His eyes, I was a wretch. Isang taong may sala sa Kaniya, at malaking insulto sa holiness niya. In God’s eyes, I am someone who is deserving of eternal punishment and wrath, I deserve to go to hell.

But this is exactly what is so amazing about grace. For some reason God chose to love me, a wretch, enough to send His son to suffer and die to be a propitiation for my sins. “Who am I that You are mindful of me?” Sabi ni David sa isa niyang Psalm, and I think the same about myself. Sino ba ako, Lord? Sino ba ako na kailangan pa mamatay ni Hesus para lang magkaroon ako ng chance na makasama Ka? Hanggang ngayon it’s something na hindi ko maintindihan, compared to God and to Jesus wala akong kwenta. But now the value of my life is defined by the infinite cost paid by Jesus for it.

So, brothers and sisters. If you got a new understanding today of how amazing God’s grace really is, I hope you have more of a reason to share it to the people around you.

written by: Kevin Vicencio



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